"You can't grow a business without growing your people."

Vanamatic works hard to make the tools available and providing the right amount of flexibility for our employees to ensure they can grow with the company so the business can grow.

Transparency in customer deliveries, planning and inventory is made available through our Vanamatic Business Manager to all employees.  This dynamic system shares status of all parts manufactured and the measurables used to track key performance indicators.

Knowing and reacting to customer demands dynamically allows for flexibility in employee work hour windows.  Employees can work within a range of defined hours which ensure we meet customer requirements and allows employees flexible schedules for their personal needs.

Tracking progress closer on a daily basis with our progress reports shares daily priorities.  Our daily huddles, both production and management, properly communicate to department leaders the labor and delivery requirements through the "daily progress report".  Daily adjustments made in production huddles, both labor and machine priorities, enable us to meet all customer deliveries.

Vanamatic's early approach to growing our people and the flexible operation system supports the trend we are seeing in today's manufacturing.


  • Vanamatic Business Manager

  • Flexible Work Windows

  • Daily Progress Reports

  • Daily Production & Management Huddles

  • Support integration

  • Self Directed Training

  • Self Directed Work Groups

  • Absenteeism measured in Hrs./Yr.

  • Low Turnover & High Tenure

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