Parts Finishing


Vanamatic can provide our customers with the value added needs for all part finishing through our qualified supplier base.  We work closely with our suppliers to build relationships required to ensure uninterrupted quality product meeting all our customers' needs.

Product verification of part finishing is controlled by our quality team through defined incoming inspection requirements.  Special care is given to parts handling through all finishing processes.  

Stainless steel pin racks are used in passivate operations to remove part handling at supplier facilities.  Stack packing and pin racking are used for protecting threads during plating operations.  Special corrugated cell partition packaging is used to protect finished product.  These processes are continually reviewed and established to protect the customer's product from our floor to theirs.

Cosmetic specifications may or may not be defined, so Vanamatic reviews customer needs and ensures any unspoken requirements for burr removal, polishing and cleanliness specifications are met.


  • Plating - Customer Specific Requirements

  • ASTM B633 Zinc Plate

  • Passivate

  • Anodize - Clear or Color

  • Heat Treating

  • Cleanliness Specifications

  • Special Parts Handling

  • Thermo Deburring

  • Part Polishing

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